YourCare is a network of mutual support, helping members personalise their care.

Our systems of social support are fragmented, underfunded and unfair. In Australia, government spends $160 billion a year on social services but more than two thirds of people miss out on appropriate care. The system is hopelessly complex and impossible to navigate. Demand is growing and the quality of support services must improve. 

Our welfare should be a function of income, but at least two million Australians are experiencing high financial stress. About 50% have insufficient savings, while wages have been stagnant for many people. For those who choose private insurance, the rising cost of premiums, out of pocket expenses and policy limitations prevent people from getting the help they need. Globally, 4 billion people are uninsured.

Thankfully, a system of community care exists.

The alternative is one that relies not on government or insurers, but on the resilience of communities. This alternative is the mutual society, the main source of social support prior to the advent of government welfare. For the benefit of members, YourCare will revive and reinvent this approach. 

YourCare has developed a unique model of social insurance, one that allows members to provide financial assistance to others, a form of reciprocal benefit, based on the reputation of members. Mutuals also organised support services for members. YourCare will connect members with a eCommerce platform, allowing people to personalise their care, reflecting positive policy changes by government, like individual funding. The original mutual societies were also social affairs, organising regular events for members. YourCare aims create the social connections so crucial for community care, a network of trust and participation.