Social, mutual and independent

A network of care, participation and trust, celebrating the strength and resilience of independent people and their communities.

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Find social services to help you
personalise your care

Find discount vouchers in our marketplace, helping you to get a good deal on goods and services. Our marketplace is just getting started and we will work to ensure it is responsive to your needs, while maintaining a high quality.

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Create your network of
mutual aid

Create your own network of mutual aid by connecting with other members or inviting Facebook friends. This network will allow you to request financial assistance from your connections, or support others, a reciprocal benefit.

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Shared values

“In a free society, those discontented individuals, can with new ideas, make a new institution to meet their needs. The field is open to experiment, success or failure, secession is the midwife of invention.”
William H Beveridge – 1948

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