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Josephine Hanna

My contract working for BCC in parks and gardens ended a year and 1 month ago and then covid hit. I have been managing to make ends meet but over the last 4 months or so my situation has gotten drastically worse. I have no friends, no family, I literally have no support at all. I can't afford to get anywhere on public transport and its been 4 weeks now since I could afford to buy more than bread. I haven't had toilet paper on 2 days and I don't get paid for another fortnight. I had to spend what little I did have left over from Newstart after I paid rent to get to my Docters as I have gotten very sick and Docter told me via phone appointment that she thinks I have a serious thyroid issue and I needed to come in to get tests done asap. Anyway im sure im not making much sense, but as I mentioned, Im starving and tired and I just need help. I also don't have a kitchen and my microwave blew up almost 3 months ago which makes everything even more difficult when it comes to food

State: Queensland
Postcode: 4060 Country: Australia

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Emergency relief is offered in the form of food parcels. Appointments are required for vouchers and other financial assistance, if funds allow in extreme emergencies.

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