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Samantha Wood

I've been "homeless " on and off for the last 26 yrs. I have two sons and was with there father up untill my eldest turned 16 years and the younger 13 years back in 2013. My family all live in Sydney , that's where there father and I grew up but his family sold up and moved to the gold coast a few years before I had my eldest. My partner and I could make the worst accommodation seem five star to the kids when they were young. Caravans even a tent was fun for a kid under five and the caravan parks seemed like an endless holiday. The problem was he found it hard to provide to the kids and I what we were accustomed too I suppose and the pressure of not really having any trade or experience would lead him to go down the criminal path as he could get the quick bucks to afford those luxuries that we liked to present from us only to the kids. But as crime never pays when it would catch up he'd be off to prison 2 or 3 year stints which went on for 20 plus years. Depression was an issue very early on with me and the anxiety got to the extreme but I learnt ways to hide and my lies were believed till the nervous break down would show its eary head. But after years of self :- sabotage, - medicating, - disbelief, and at my lowest point, harm, (mentally and physically ) but it became easier to lie and deceive as I would go for months at a time having the telephone as my only communication so as secretive as an anorexic with hiding there extreme truths about there eating habits and hiding Huge weight loss too. So living with such non truths meant I never got the proper help with depression. And anxiety never having a doctor really get enough time to properly diagnosis me and prescribed the meds that I could be watched and analysed whilst not abusing antidepressants by taking a months script and not having my partner realise at the time just how much I was suffering in silence. Some simple measures would of changed my whole world of daily suffering crying daily and fearing the worst. So I wasn't the pleasented person , very Jack all and Hyde. Hard to know but there was always that worry everyone would have knowing that I'd be "party pooper" the one who was always unwell and would keep repulse for many months at a time.

State: QLD
Postcode: 4227 Country: Australia

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