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Anglican Counselling Service - Tamworth

Family, Relationship, Personal, Child Counselling, Support, Loss and Grief, Bereavement, Gambling (free), Community Education, Drought (free) and Mediation.

Cnr Bridge and Ebsworth St
State: NSW
Postcode: 2340

(02) 6765 2527

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realcoffee S


How refreshing those words can be,
depending on how they are said. lol.
With so much trauma, grief, pain and horridness the counselling can be so serious and strict that some people are afraid to seek help and emotional support.
Having met so many drs in this field I thought it was awfly gloomy and depressing the approach and over medication and also abuse of the system.
There was an article in a news paper about teams of "healthcare" cashing in on someone.Receiving holidays in exchange for medications given that actually were illegal and harmful and disabling.
One article read of a family that were doing this with drs and other staff as organised crime. It was a lot of money involved.A few hundred organised and educated criminals with employment and identifications and power sharing billions of stolen cash.Also identity fraud.disabling and making someone sick such as a wealthy lonely person.
One person told a dr of molestation and rape and abuse and was then told to be "schizo" by many.
This was serious.But it can be healed.
I have so far only met and/or heard of one Psychiatrist that I would go to.
A very positive attitude yet humble and understanding and at the same time a sense of humour.
This was so refreshing.
"your mad" .. why..
something saw , felt , smelt,experienced...
Some have such madness as a profession helping others who do not see things the same way to help see or understand etc.
Many shaman and other people were perceived as mad by people from other background.
Not "your mad" you shall there4 be robbed of your legal rights, finances, social rights, isolated, forsed to medicate drugs that make you sick and mad in bad way, be disempowered and even hated by all around thy etc etc despite that you have not commited any crime nor been aggressive and are in celibacy and do not do drugs, alcohol etc .
Or "your mad" and thats ok. "Im mad" to sometimes. What definition of this.
Taking it so seriously can be very harmful.
There are different types of mad.
Diferent types of people and different types of handling and or channeling madness be one a medium. :)
I just wanted to say I really appreciate a "open minded" approach and the balance is so fine some times.
If one is not behaving badly to anyone yet the people behaving badly are called and perceived as sain and good. lol.
Anyway, just wanted to say people are different and if most are helped by something doesnt mean all are.
Was told a person had a perception and sense that like over 99 % of people do not have.This could be difficult for this person to learn how to manage and master as well as not being understood by other people.Does it make the person mad? May be... Some times :) .
Best wishes for the madness with in all of us.May we handle/footle... it best we can and find support need it be and be blessed and strenthened from it and find way to live with it .Different types of madness.different types of people and .....etc.
There I have ranted ,blabbered and thats enough for now.
Apolagise if I am misunderstood in what has been "blabbered" out. Blessed they be and good day to you.

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Stacey Howlett

Ipswich, Australia

Hi I am currently in a financial hardship situation at the moment (currently living out of my car with my partner in the Fernvale/Ipswich QLD area)
Never been the one to ask for help, but finding it very hard right now to find food.

If there is anybody who could maybe help out, we would really appreciate it.

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