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Broken Hill Disability Support Group Inc.

Advocacy group that provides support and assistance to people with a disability. Services provided include: - Organises holidays for people with a disability; - Social events, video nights, sporting activities, dance nights; - Support/Companionship; - Worm Farm; - Living skills development; - Bowling for Dreams; (Current at 02/08/07)

231 Williams Ln
State: NSW
Postcode: 2880

(08) 8087 6193

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Merrimac, Australia

I'm trying to live and pay bills on less $100 per fortnight and desperately need some vouchers for fresh vegies and meat and any other assistance available. I'm an aged pensioner.

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Brittany Szekely


My partner and I are struggling with food and would like to know if anyone could help out with a food parcel in Coffs Harbour are

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