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Department of Child Safety - Emerald

1800 number is an afterhours crisis line. Services offered in the areas of child abuse and neglect and foster care. Referral service; provides educational materials on same. Child protection (investigating notifications of abuse and neglect, intervening to ensure children are not at risk of harm. Recruitment, training and support of foster carers).

51 Ruby St
State: QLD
Postcode: 4720

(07) 4982 2177

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I am currently on Newstart and after rent and phone credit I have under $100 to live on for a fortnight. I've been managing to hang in there for a few months but its now bee almost 4 weeks with nothing but bread to eat. I can't afford to get to any organisation to get food parcel. I have NO friends or family, I am alone all day every day. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THERE IS A PLACE THAT CAN HELP

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