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Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre

A program, varying from time to time, provides recreational & educational activities which may include art & craft, health & fitness, internet, email & computer skills. Also have occasional child care - see 'Other - centre based day care' service details.

31B Marcus Rd
State: VIC
Postcode: 3172

(03) 9558 1866

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Provides educational, recreational and social opportunities. Range of classes and programs include computers, yoga, languages, art and craft, and playgroup. They also have a Monday planned activity group (PAG) for frail & elderly from the local area, who are socially isolated and/or suffering from memory loss, to provide respite for carers.

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Rhoda Milera

Munno Para, Australia

Hi i'm a 34 year old pensioner with a disability I have recently been a victim of family violence. I have 3 children. My 10yo lizard was fed to my dogs as well as all my food in the cupboard, my front door was kicked in so currently has no door knob and can't be locked, my daughter was terrorizes where he stood in her room with a knife and all our clothing and most bedding was cut up. I have spoken to centrelink who cannot help me because the perpetrators address wasn't mine, I have tried welfare agencies who for the past 3 days have been full by the time I get through on the phone and no one seems to be concerned or worried about the after effects. If anyone can please help please let me know.

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Multi Cleaning

Pendle Hill, Australia

House cleaning is all about making your home feel clean and fresh. It's the simple act of tidying up, wiping down surfaces, and vacuuming floors to keep things neat and nice. By getting rid of dust and dirt, you create a healthier space where you can relax and enjoy life. Ever wondered about some interesting facts about house cleaning? Well, get ready for some fun! Did you know that the average person spends about a year and a half cleaning their home? Crazy, right? By knowing these cool facts, you'll not just change how you clean but also amaze your friends with fun house cleaning facts!

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