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YourCare supplier

Elgin Street Centre

Physio,OT,social work,speech path,carers support,exercise groups,HACC-PAG.

93 Elgin Street
State: VIC
Postcode: 3122

(03) 9815 0155 - Reh

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Provides educational, recreational and social opportunities. Range of classes and programs include computers, yoga, languages, art and craft, and playgroup. They also have a Monday planned activity group (PAG) for frail & elderly from the local area, who are socially isolated and/or suffering from memory loss, to provide respite for carers.

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Recent discussions

Adam Moreland


Help please. Been sleeping rough been offered a caravan for a week to start but I've no food or absolutely nothing I'm eeverely in hardship,I'm 47 lost my 20 year old son April this year to road trauma then 2months later rushed in emergency surgery I have access in spine x2 whilst in hospital fir 2 months all my personal belongings were stolen along with clothes EVERYTHING then relaesd to no were to live sk been on streets so having to learn to walk again in constant excruciating pain doing outpatient rehabilitation if I can come up with rent money I can stay in van ongoing so please in desperate need of foods personal hygiene stuff some cleaning stuff I've nothing all my belongings were stolen whilst in hospital so I've no clothes blankets it's really nearly got me just giving up and exiting to be with my son again I'm 47and have nothing having to start over again but also in severe pain constantly so please help with food also any fincial assistance be greatly appreciated in desperate need thankyou.

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I have been a bit lost for 8 months. My family broke apart after my wife attacked me with scissors and destroyed all my belongings and cut up all my clothes. my wife then took my kids away (who were in my care) and threatened to take them to China. Blocked all contact I've not known where they were till last month and I've been left couch surfing and living off the good graces of a few friends.

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