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EnterPRAise - Penrith (Outdoor Maintenance)

Private service. Household cleaning, lawn and garden maintenance includes clipping removal; Yard tidy ups; Gutter maintenance/cleaning; Use gerni to clean down paths and patios; Handyman services; Window cleaning; Home and office cleaning; Small removals. Free quotes given. Each job is assessed individually.

123 Evan St
State: NSW
Postcode: 2750

1300 851 040

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Generally services between 6am-10pm daily also some overnight and short term live in services.

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Home Care - Bingara

NSW, Australia

Tasks performed must be safe from an OH&S perspective.

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my mum has a few disabilitys she is in hospital now as she had a fall she 74 years I have been caring for her for 5 years and I found I cant help her now as I have done my shoulder in but she is still able to stay in her home I need to find another carer as it is going to be a long recovery for me help

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