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Kidney Health Australia

Updated March 2008.

Level 3, 322 Hay St
State: WA
Postcode: 6008

(08) 9381 9311

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The Department of Housing and Works represents all of the State Government's housing and works functions. The Department covers public and community housing, Aboriginal and regional housing, Keystart home loans, property sales, major government projects, capital works projects, and property and facilities maintenance and services. The Department of Housing and Works consolidates the public sector's built environment and the Government's assets and project management and will enhance the delivery of services in these areas. Community Housing is rental housing managed by local government or non-government not-for-profit organisations. The Department of Housing and Works provides four main Community Housing programs: Housing is provided according to the requirements of individuals with special attention to location, design and support needs.

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The primary aim of the Family Support Service is to offer support to families, individuals and community groups in the form of: Information and Referral Arrange Group Activities Community Development Informal Counselling or Advice Appropriate Cultural Services Referral- The service provides information about culturally diverse organisations and can make necessary referrals. Education and Employment Options- Helps foster young people and adults in education and employment opportunities. Availablility of university and distant education options. The Service is based at the Mt Marshall Shire Office in Monger Street Bencubbin . It is funded by Department of Family and Children's Services and implemented by the Shire of Mt Marshall. The service is available to all members of the Mt Marshall community and also encourages the surrounding districts to take advantage of assistance to individuals and community groups.

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Hi All.
I am a facilitator with Northern Victoria Farmer Relief. I have been working at this as a volunteer since May 2016.

I have a prickly case of a family from NZ not eligible for any benefits through Centrelink or the Govt Farm Household Allowance.
Husband has broken his back, wife became unemployed on the same day.
We can get them food and some relief on school costs and fodder but looking to find info on where I can send them for some help for the next 3 months with general bills? With the crisis in the dairy industry at the moment they are producing milk at a higher cost than what they are getting for it (as are hundreds of other dairy farmers). They have a good, established farm, want to stay in Australia and want to keep dairy farming. All they need is some help to get through this stage until the husband gets back on his feet.
Our local St Vinnies are not taking on any more clients as they have spent $50000 helping locals already.

Any suggestions??

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Josephine Hanna

Ashgrove, Australia

I am currently on Newstart and after rent and phone credit I have under $100 to live on for a fortnight. I've been managing to hang in there for a few months but its now bee almost 4 weeks with nothing but bread to eat. I can't afford to get to any organisation to get food parcel. I have NO friends or family, I am alone all day every day. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THERE IS A PLACE THAT CAN HELP

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