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The touchstone of CanTeen is the belief that young people, through meeting and talking with one another, would be able to better cope with the uncertainties of a cancer diagnosis. OTHER INFORMATION - Supporting, developing and empowering young people living with cancer by providing a peer support network of young people living with cancer who share experiences have fun offer resources and promote understanding well being and leadership. Persons can apply to join if they do not "exactly" fit the criteria. These instances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Donations from general community are always appreciated.

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Dr Dennis Yue

NSW, Australia

Visiting endocrinologist from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Appointments made through the Community Health Centre, Griffith.

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Dr John Lindsey

WA, Australia

Dr Lindsey is a Consulting Physician and will need a GP referral for access to service.

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Prof Geoffrey Nicholson

VIC, Australia

Endocrinology/aviation medicine

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