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Major Home Modifications (ie costing above $3,000-$4,000) to private residences eg wheelchair accessible bathrooms, ramps, water lifts, widening doorways, stair climbers etc. This service will carry out a free assessment both of the client's functional abilities and the building/structure. Clients are prioritised according to need. A 50% grant towards basic modification is available for those with a medium - high need. Further assistance with funding can be applied for in certain circumstances. Clients must be Home and Community Care (HACC) eligible with a moderate to severe disability and have been assessed by a community Occupational Therapist (eg Com. Health) or other health professional prior to referring to BSHMS. Can also self refer. Contact BSHMS for further information on the service.

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Redi Access Pty Ltd

QLD, Australia

Supply and install modular ramps, landings and stairs. Can be fixed or installed to be removable and relocated.

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